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Punch evil monsters right in the face before they creep up and kill you. Use your weapons wisely when things go insane!

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When creepy monsters start arriving through interdimensional portals you are left with one option - roll up your sleeves and get your fists ready. Break skeleton bones, punch out zombie brains and enjoy a fresh shower of teeth, debris and fire as you detonate bombs or go crazy with your iron fists.

Collect awesome power-ups and weapons to survive when things go totally insane. Use the Slowmo snail to cool things down or put on the iron fist for maximum damage. Be aware of what you collect! You might get poisoned, electroshocked or activate the horrible Superspeed snail.


There’s more. Tapporcry features awesome artwork, sound and music to keep you fully immersed in the game. Four full-length music tracks are included, carefully composed to emphasize the game's mood.


Update 20/4/2021: The Graveyard level has been released!

Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming level I'm working on - The Graveyard!

Read exciting blogpost: http://www.northmice.games/blog/graveyard-enemies

Read blogpost: http://northmice.games/blog/tapporcry-graveyard

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